Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sickie and the Big Feet

It's not fair!

I take it back!

I'll knock on wood!

Really? I mean, I didn't even say it out loud!!!!

So, I jinxed myself and I'm not happy about it. The thing is, can you really jinx yourself if all you do is think it? Apparently so....

Just yesterday it hit me how healthy Katie has been (you know what's coming, don't you?) She hit 8 months without even a mild fever! When you compare this to Tyler - 8 days in the hospital when he was 6 weeks old and months on oxygen at home. And Jason - numerous ear infections with tubes being put in at 13 months. And Jackson - well, I think Jackson was pretty healthy, but I was a postpartum haze and it's all a bit foggy! So anyway, there I sat thinking about how wonderfully healthy she has been. At that very moment I am sure the nasty bug germs inside her were having a grand old time, laughing at me and mocking me and infecting my perfectly healthy little angel. Now she is coughing, clingy, has a nose that runs like a faucet and is running a temp. I hate sick babies. Wait, that sounded wrong. I don't hate the babies....I hate the sick know what I mean. On top of this comes a big dose of mom guilt. The kind every mom I know has mastered to a science. This week I have been diligent in my gym attendance. I am running again and I'm loving it - didn't even realized I missed it, but I did. I've tried yoga and some other classes but for me, there is nothing like just me a treadmill. Classes tend to get in my head and mess with me - but that is a topic for another time! I was feeling really good about taking time for "me" and yet how can I not link the new sickness with a week of going to the gym childcare. What can I say.... I mean, I'm building her immunities, right? Or is that just something some mom made up to make herself feel better. Oh well, it was bound to happen eventually. Might as well be now.
Back to the running....can I just tell you how much I love a new pair of running shoes? I mean the good ones, the ones some supposed foot expert (with really cute toe nail polish - kicking myself for not taking a picture of it....but that might have been weird) picks out just for your feet that feel amazing the second they go on. I had been using a pair I bought on sale awhile ago that I thought were cute (what was I thinking ) and my shin pain made me want to cry. One shoe shopping trip later and todays run was way faster with NO pain! :) However, what I didn't like about the shoe experience is that since having baby number 4 my shoe size has once again gone up a half size!!! NO!!! It's sad, really sad. I simply can not have anymore kids if for no other reason than I REFUSE to have bigger feet than my husband! I was wondering why my cute summer sandals were so uncomfortable at church last week. It's kinda heartbreaking and shallow at the same time..... and I'll probably keep trying to squeeze into them for awhile.... but I have a feeling some lucky friend of mine (who wears a size 9) is about to score on some shoes! All of you willing to admit your shoe size on my blog, leave me a comment. Free cute shoes should be motivation enough - after all, I put all this out there and I get nothing but big feet! Boo.

Who would have thought I could start a post about my sick daughter and end up talking about my feet. Maybe it's due to my overload of diet coke today, or maybe it's just been one of those days!

However, I must say....these cuties sure do make big feet worth it!


Molly said...

Poor Katie...and poor you! What are these running shoes of which you speak?

Emily H. said...

Size 9 is not so bad or big- I say that because I am size 9!!! But, I'd hate to claim your shoes but if they really do need a home and nobody has claimed them- you know where I live. I'm in total agreement with you on this post. The sick kid jinx thing? Yes. It's like I don't even want to thank the big man upstairs for fear of them getting sick... can't say it or think it or they will get sick. I'm sorry she's sick. The running shoes thing? Amen lady. Mine are saucony and I LOVE 'em. They really do make all the difference. Run a race with me sometime!!! It would be so fun. Don't feel bad about the childcare though- she was bound to get sick eventually- you couldn't have prevented it. Though- I know how you feel with that too!

danakat said...

Ha! I found you.
And reading how you write makes me like you all over again. :)